Feeling The Fun

wp_20160928_21_49_01_proPops & Frogs adventure will be well documented and reported. There’ll be text to write, pictures to publicise and videos to edit. The bar has been set fairly high, hence we where in need of some new equipment. The following gear has been acquired:

Camera: SONY A7S
Lenses: SONY 18-70, 70-200
Recorder/Monitor: ATOMOS Ninja Blade
Stabilizer: ROXANT
Tripod: Manfrotto
Helmet Camera: GoPro Hero 4

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a Northern Monarchy far, far away I had grand plans of becoming a photographer, to take pictures that would make an impression on history. I was incredible consumed by images from LIFE and National Geographic, and it was wanted to do with my life. Until I convinced myself that I didn’t have what it takes.
So I quit and sold my camera, the lenses, all the equipment for the darkroom and chose to never look back. Since then I’ve been photographing with a lack of patience and dedication. Doing it because taking pictures have on occasion been expected, rather then being motivated to take actual great pictures. The result of which has been on par with the dedication.
Sure, I felt the surge to go above and beyond on occasion  but they where far and few in-between. So when the digital revolution happened I was hoping to feel some kind of urge to get back into it, but nothing, and the pictures where getting even worse. I mean, now you could snap photographs nilly-willy, and I guess that’s exactly what I did.
But, I feel excited that I have the opportunity once more to capture some really cool images, and with the system camera I feel the call once again. I want to take good pictures again and also try doing some filming. It feels exciting but also not entirely uncomplicated. For even if the act of taking the actual pictures builds upon the same old foundation, the whole digital post-production is completely new to me. But I will do my utmost to master the tech and our new gear. A lot of practice and a handful of youtube tutorials will hopefully get me somewhat up to speed, I’ll leave it up to you  whether I’ve succeeded.


Age determination is not that hard


Reading column after column in the Swedish press regarding the difficulty of determining age. And I feel it can hardly be as complicated as they are proposing. Medicine has placed me within the group i belong to and that didn’t seem too hard.

1. Whenever I’ve been out running for the last 6 months I’ve experienced pain in my calf irregularly. It came and went until finally it was time to make a visit to the doctor and get a diagnosis. He quickly diagnosed a ruptured calf as an award for my running. Yeah that’s what one wants, tough to argue you’re a youngster with a diagnosed ruptured calf. I remember when I was young and my mother and her friends where bemoaning calluses, where did they go? The ones that where cured with special plasters that looked like tiny donuts. Oh well this is the old man’s age, the time of the old mans ruptured calf.

2. As if that wasn’t enough I managed to damage my achilles tendon during thaiboxing training in Thailand while sparring. Of course the first comment was that this was a dam middle age issue.

So my age is not something you have any issue determining. Old man is tattooed on my forehead and can be scientifically proven by more than one symptom.

The achilles heel was so damaged that i can now proudly display two screws in the heel bone and two clamps in the calf. I guess that’s what happens to old men… The rehab will take time but my goal is to be back on my bike to drive distinguished gentlemens ride the 25th of September and it looks as if that will be possible, but I’m not telling my doctor. He doesn’t like the idea and would much rather I take it easy because of my age.

In any case, no matter heel tendons or ruptured calfs I don’t see any difficulties in going forward with our trip next year. The rehab should be long done, my Robocop boot thrown away and the crutches a mere memory. Maybe I can even start thaiboxing again, because you’re only as young as you feel, right ?

Det Handlar inte om Motorcyklar

Not only viking biking!
Not only viking biking!

Dom flesta motorcykeläventyr, bloggar och hemsidor tenderar at fokusera på motorcyklar, konsten att köra, tekniska detaljer och utrustning.

Men ärligt talat, vem bryr sig.

Självfallet, i viss mån måste vi. Det finns mycket att vi behöver lära oss, men det är inte vad Pops & Frogs handlar om. Utrustningen är bara ett verktyg för att föra oss närmare målet. Att ta oss från Hong kong till Göteborg. Det finns knappast något bättre transportmedel som tillåter dig att komma så nära som en motorcykel. Precis som att det inte finns någonting som tar dig så långt bort som ett flygplan. Med nära så menar jag närmare vägarna, närmare till naturen, människor, lukt, väder, mat, musik, kulturen, ja, jag tror du förstår.

Det  är vad Pops & Frog handlar om. Självfallet kommer det vara lite snack kring motorcyklar också, primärt under förberedelserna. Att få tag på rätt utrustning är en viktig del om du vill kunna fokusera på dom andra delarna, speciellt för oss som inte har någonting. Just nu fokuserar vi på dom små sakerna, saker vi behöver men som vi inte behöver sponsorer för. Vi har dock gjort några stora investeringar som jag kommer dela med mig utav snart, saker jag försöker bemästra. Okej, bemästra är en lögn, försöka kontrollera med 25% kapacitet är närmare sanningen.

I vart fall låt inte allt det här snacket om utrustning lura dig. Historierna vi vill berätta handlar om människor, utsikter, lukt, mat, väder, kultur etc…(jag vet att jag upprepar mig, ber om ursäkt) från delar av världen vi inte hör så mycket värst mycket från och förhoppningsvis från ett annorlunda perspektiv. Det är nog till och med så att om du bara är intresserad av motorcyklar så kommer nog Pops & Frog vara lite tråkigt för dig. Vi är inga fantastiska mcknuttar, värdelösa offroad och Frog håller på att ta sitt körkort. Det här är något vi behöver förbättra innan resan, så fortsätt läsa bloggen för att se våran utveckling. Vi är värdelösa mekaniker och kan inte ens fixa ett trasigt däck. Vi har många punkter att bättra oss på då vi har 70 dagar på oss att göra resan, inte 3 år.

När dom 70 dagarna är över så kommer jag knappast vilja titta på motorcykeln längre. Kommer nog hellre spränga den i luften med dynamit än att åka på den, men när jag tänker tillbaka på resan så kommer kommer det int vara hojjarna eller alla tälten vi slog upp utan det snarare upplevelserna vi delade och hur det påverkade oss som människor. Människor vi mött kommer påverka oss mer än cylindrarna på våra motorcyklar. Och vi är grymt stolta över vårat sammarbete med SOS barnbyar.

Hörs snart, jag har massa att skriva om nu när saker börjar röra på sig!


On me

picMy name is Gustaf and while I’m most certainly a Svenungsson from Sweden I’ve lived in London for the last 5-6 years where I’m studying programming and do music.

In my ignorance I believe most people go on an adventure because they want to see fantastical vistas, eat exotic food, meet people or escape the day-to-day routine. However, what is truly exciting about an undertaking such as this for me are the music possibilities – well that and a little of the “the great outdoors”…

There is a brilliant opportunity with this journey to record the sounds and music of places one wouldn’t have access to normally and create a virtual library, I mean how often do you read about the music of Bhutan or actually hear it? By quite some distance that’s why I decided to join in on the trip. As a passionate fan of music it’s an amazingly exciting opportunity to hear music you wouldn’t have otherwise heard of and learn. As a programmer and hobbyist mixing/recording engineer it’s a way to show off sounds and music most people would’ve probably never heard of otherwise.

Now granted before we get to that part of the trip I actually have to learn how to ride a motorbike. Which for various reasons I’m technically not allowed to do in Sweden right now. Instead I must apply for a license in the UK where I’ve lived for the last 5 years. I find it be quite bizarre. How every country on the planet appears to think they have the most dynamic, sensible and well put together bureaucracy it’s obvious that there’s still a lot left to do

Of course none of this will be very easy, or go exactly as planned. It will be arduous and complicated but with enough planning it just might work. Now since my experience with a motorcycle consists of riding scooters and watching the Great Escape I must admit to being ever so slightly nervous.