Its not about the bikes, its about getting closer


Lots of adventure travellers, bloggers and websites are very much focused on the bikes, about the art of motorcycling, about technical stuff, equipment.

Honestly, do we care?

Yes, to some extent we have to. Its important to learn a bit. However, Pops & Frog is not about that, the bikes are a tool to get closer. There is hardly any better means of transportation that allows you to get as close as a motorcycle will. Just as there is nothing which gets u as far away as an airplane. By closer I mean closer to the roads, closer to the nature, closer to the people, closer to the smell, the weather, the food, the music, the air, the culture, each other, need I go on?

Pops & Frog is primarily about all that. Sure, there will most likely be bike talk as well, especially during the preparations. Getting the right gear together is an important part if you want to be able to focus on the other stuff, especially for us who have absolutely nothing. Currently we focus on getting the small stuff, stuff we need but for which it doesn’t make any sense to look for sponsors. We have done some major investments though which I will tell you about soon, stuff I am now trying to master. Well master is really far from the truth actually, trying to handle at 25% of its capacity is closer to the truth.

Anyhow, don’t let all this gear talk fool you, the stories we want to tell are about people, sceneries, smell, food, each other, weather, culture, our fundraiser, music etc. (I’m repeating myself again, sorry about that) from parts of the world we don’t hear much and hopefully from a different perspective. If you are only interested in motorcycles Pops & Frog might actually be a bit boring. We are not great at riding bikes – useless offroad and Frog is getting his license as we speak! This needs to be improved before the trip, stay tuned for our level upgrade on that one. We are useless mechanics and cant even fix a flat tire. We really need to fix that. We have to improve on many points really – after all, we don’t have 3 years do this trip – WE HAVE 70 DAYS!

When those 70 days are over, I probably wont want to look at the bike let alone ride it. Maybe I want to blow it up with dynamite and when I later on think back of the trip it wont be bikes I think about or the great tents, it will be the experiences we shared and how that affected us. People we meet will have a much greater impact on us than the cylinders of our bikes even though its the bikes that make it possible.

Talk soon, I have lots to write about now when things start moving. Next text will be about my recently ruptured tendon………………………………..





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